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2020-21 crab season

Hi all,          This years crab season has been an ordeal for  us all. No thanks giving or Christmas crab. Once we jumped the whale hoop the price became an issue.   Let me be brief on the whales, they are no longer shot with exploding spears and there population is increasing each year at a highly noticeable extent to my eyes on the ocean. It’s a good thing. They have plenty of food in the vast amount of anchovies out there. I’m seeing a healthy ocean.   The price. What has happened is the large cartel that also owns crab boats is dominating the market. They loaded there freezers up early in the season when we were in the whale issue. Then, you would have seen frozen crab in the markets for Christmas while we sat tied at the docks waiting for a start.   It’s not a matter of just saying I have my market and I can go out and supply to you. I would likely go out there and see that all my pots have been tampered with. At worst, the bouts cut off and a total loss to me.   We will get there. I know a frozen crab is stringy and a total loss compared to our fresh still wriggling market.   Stay with us and keep a demand up for quality. That’s the help we need. The small suppliers also need the help. They are standing idle while the cartel takes there market. Captain Barry


Salmon Season

Hi all. this year we are limited on our season. we will have 7 Days from May 1st and then we will have a long spell until July 26th until Mid October. Salmon will be in short supply this year due to National Marine Fisheries method of forecasting stock abundance. The reality is, there will be plenty of fish out there due to the success of our net pen releases and barging of the smolt. Captain Barry.


Crab season starts November 15th

Captain Barry here, We are nearly ready to role into another Crab season. This year looks like a full season without the holdups that have restricted our last 2 years. We are doing some work on this web site to have online orders as part of our structure in order for you to get your Crab booked and line free pickup from the dock. Recreational Crab fisherman are bringing in nice large jumbos, 2 pound crab are looking a average size. Stay tuned here as we approach our busy season and gear up for dock sales. Let’s get crabby!!!!        


2016 Dungeness Crab Season begins!

The astronomical spring starts this Sunday, March 20th, but even more exciting is the news that Bay Area crabs will once again be available for sale on the docs at Half Moon Bay starting Saturday, March 26th.  So, come on down to the docks and get your favorite Bay Area treat!  Order by texting to Captain Barry at via email or 7072081706 via your  phone.


May 24th, 2015, Captian Barry’s partial King salmon catch!


Salmon caught before the commercial salmon season closes from Pigeon Point(San Mateo Co.) south to Point Sur (Monterey Co.) From June 1 to July 4 to allow the salmon to return to the rivers for spawning. California’s historic drought enters its fourth year, chinook salmon are under duress. Dry winters take a big toll on the fish, also known as king salmon, which need plenty of cold water to make their way out to sea as juveniles and return to lay eggs as adults. The salmon have for many years had to compete with Central Valley agriculture for water. It’s a David vs. Goliath battle. California chinook salmon fishermen unloaded their catch for nearly $23 million in 2013. Central Valley farmers generate billions of dollars in sales every year. But the fight for water will only get fiercer as the drought persists. Jon Rosenfield, conservation biologist for the Bay Institute, said winter- and spring-run chinook — smaller salmon populations that are protected under endangered species laws — will likely die off in coming years unless state and federal water managers allocate more water to the Sacramento River and its tributaries. “We are on a countdown to extinction,” Rosenfield said. Meanwhile, the fall-run chinook’s numbers could plummet to the point that commercial fishermen are barred from catching them, Rosenfield said. State and federal hatchery programs have enabled the fall spawning season to persist. Fishermen and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife have bolstered those initiatives in recent years with a variety of new projects to truck or float juvenile salmon from inland hatcheries to the bay and ocean. Transporting the smolts protects them from almost certain death in the increasingly tepid and shallow Sacramento channel.


Captain Barry mantra


Barry will go where the fish go for the next month.  China, South America, Hawaii… he is the man on the go!