In: June 2021



Hi all, May gave us our 1st round of a segmented salmon season. We got to fish 17 days in May below Pigeon Point. Weather was the big factor, it was a rodeo but the fish were there. Suppliers pricing at the hoist ranged from $9 to $12.50. Basically the only real volume of salmon on the west coast have been between Monterey and Pigeon Point. For those of you that got a salmon from me, Thankyou, and I have no doubt you enjoyed our legendary Californian King. I’ll list here our remaining days on the ocean for salmon. June 16th to 30th July 17th to 22nd. August 1st to 17th. All of September and 1st 2 weeks of October. That is a bit mealed season. With each day on the water being precious coupled with strong prices from suppliers. My only certainty for dock sales is at the end of each opener in June, July and August. Coming end of June. We have July 4th market for you all. I’ll be doing a email for this once we are closer and know we can provide. All in all, the whole fleet that took on the weather got a shot of juice to start our season. As with the ocean and salmon we will see how the seasons story unfolds. After our grateful start. My wife bought me a tee shirt with “chicken little was right”. I’ve been under the pretext of a Optimist is a hopeful pessimist. Let’s see how our next round goes. Thank you all. Captain Barry