Hi all,

         This years crab season has been an ordeal for  us all. No thanks giving or Christmas crab. Once we jumped the whale hoop the price became an issue.

  Let me be brief on the whales, they are no longer shot with exploding spears and there population is increasing each year at a highly noticeable extent to my eyes on the ocean. It’s a good thing. They have plenty of food in the vast amount of anchovies out there. I’m seeing a healthy ocean.

  The price. What has happened is the large cartel

that also owns crab boats is dominating the market. They loaded there freezers up early in the season when we were in the whale issue. Then, you would have seen frozen crab in the markets for Christmas while we sat tied at the docks waiting for a start.

  It’s not a matter of just saying I have my market and I can go out and supply to you. I would likely go out there and see that all my pots have been tampered with. At worst, the bouts cut off and a total loss to me.

  We will get there. I know a frozen crab is stringy and a total loss compared to our fresh still wriggling market.

  Stay with us and keep a demand up for quality. That’s the help we need. The small suppliers also need the help. They are standing idle while the cartel takes there market.

Captain Barry