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Long over due update

Hi All, It’s been a while. Here’s what’s happening with Crab and Salmon. Crab. 2023 has been a great year for crab. They generally work in a 6 year cycle with biomass and this year was a peak. Crab is one thing that was got right by  Fish & Game in there early days of set up. Only the large males are kept so the breeding cycle is not affected. This has been the year of large and plentiful crab. The meat quality and content has also been excellent. We are slowing down now as the season winds up. I’ll keep you all posted as we go along this year. I’ll keep politics out of this post as I’ll end up writing a novel. Salmon. Last year it was closed and do not expect much this year. We had our 1st report from the NMFS for this season and the politics is crucifying the industry. I’ll vent more later on this. Excuse the spasmodic posts here. I’ve been trotting along just using my Mailchimp service and texting. I’ll work more here with more detail. Have a good one out there!!!! Captain Barry