Hi all,

It’s been an arduous journey to get a start on a crab season this year. Our November 15th start is a battle to recover and our front line in battle. This battle is all about the whales. Whales are cool, I live with them. They all have different characters. I’ve got to have a dig at our politicized far right NGOs

Here’s how I see it. My job is on the ocean and the whales are doing just fine. There’s plenty, we are not blowing them up with exploding harpoons and dragging them back to shore for lamp oil. Every year I see more. But it’s not in the NGO’s interest to tell you all that. They are grant money based and they need to show results. We are the soft target and they publicize exaggerated harm and doom whilst crowing on success in stopping us evil fisherman. Meanwhile we are jumping around trying to make a living while controlled by the scared weird little guys portraying environmental wisdom. That’s that crowd in a nutshell. May the crabs bite there asses and give them a true taste of nature.

Sooooo Oregon and from Eureka up got to start on time this year. There is crab there and the boats have done well.

Alaskan King crab and Opilio crabs are not being harvested this year. That only leaves Dungeness and blue crab on the market. We all know the results of freezing crab meat. Stringy slivers a bit like tooth picks.

December 29th is our start date. A fine lumpy winter to be had by us harvesters. But, we’ll get some. Get your butter ready for melting for New Year’s Eve. If your this far into my post, your the real deal.

Here’s my recipe.

boil the crab whole for 15 to 18 minutes on the 2nd boil. Add some salt to the water before boiling.


Once cooked. Break them up into there edible pieces. The mustard (or brown muck for learners) well if you don’t like it try this. Get it all aside, scoop it out of the shell. A dash of worcheshire sauce and some sour cream. Mix her all up and put it on the table. Don’t tell anyone what it is. Tell ‘em it’s a dip. You’ll be surprised at the raving on its fine flavor.

I’ll leave it to you’s if you want to expose the truth.