In: October 2021


Hi All, 2021 salmon season ended October 15th. What a season. It was the year of the rodeo. The ocean was at its formidable best, but the salmon were there. They were generally on the continental shelf so it was offshore most of the season. Our season this year was segmented. A stop start scenario this was due to the negotiations with Nmfs to get time on water vs there predicted salmon count. It’s great they were so off the mark this year as the salmon were plentiful. It’s a funny world to live in from sea to land. What I sea on the ocean vs the doom and gloom on land is the paradox. Basically I’m seeing a healthy improving ocean out there. Plenty of whales, sea lions. Blue sharks are back. Prolific schools of juvenile black cod. Miles upon miles of anchovies. The enigma this year was nmfs prediction on ocean salmon being so far off. I’m sure nmfs are glad also that there is significantly more salmon than they forecast. Let’s hope we get some good rain come for our glutinous water users this coming rain season. The ocean certainly isn’t the issue. I finished the season catching some salmon that were certainly not running up the river system this year. I think there raw essence on survival has our feeble bantering with theory and thesis leaving us the lessor. I’d like to end my short note here by thanking everybody for there support by tasting the beautiful King Salmon. There’s plenty of hope in our future here. Cdfw this year transported a lot of smelt to the lower end of our tributary system. Small moves like that will show huge results in coming seasons. My next post will be on the gnarly little bottom dweller. The Dungeness crab. Another political football in our land dealings.