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Fresh Crab on Thanksgiving Day!

The captain and crew of F/V Rosella are working overtime to get fresh live crab on your table Thanksgiving Day.  Come on down to Pillar Harbor, slip G-6 and check out their lively catch. If you’ve never eaten really fresh Dungeness crab, live till it gets to the pot, you’ve missed a special local delicacy.  The meat is succulent and sweet, unlike store bought seafood.  Let us introduce you to the freshest crab, right off the boat!


F/V Rosella

Less than two weeks ago – Sunday, November 4th to be exact – my lady and I were checking harbors for boats for sale. Ask a fisherman on the docks if any boats are for sale and he will likely answer, “They all are, how much do you want to pay?” So I was getting a little frustrated – we started the morning in Moss Landing and checked the Santa Cruz harbor and were on our way to Bodega Bay when I started feeling like we were wasting our time. “It will be too late,” I said as she drove the road out of Petaluma that goes west. “You’re whining,” she said. She kept driving. We got to the harbor at sunset, but no time for watching it. Mighty Mouse (that’s what I call my lady) was on a mission. She wanted the F/V Rosella the minute she saw her. You gotta admit she’s a pretty old boat. And she runs real well – she’s been loved. In her sixty years, only three others have owned her. Most recently Chuck Cappotto, who’s retiring. The surveyor was so impressed, he gave her two thumbs up!   Well, I guess one of those thumbs is mine – two total thumbs up! So now Rosella is at Pillar Harbor where we hope to catch and sell the freshest fish and crab around.