In: December 2012


Kiwi on the Rocks with a Shot of Juice!

So the joke around Pillar Point is that there’s a new drink at The Harbor Bar called “Barry on the Rocks with a Shot of Juice”.  it’s a tribute to the last six weeks in which I not only grounded a vessel, but near electrocuted myself installing a pump.  My lady took the joke to it’s logical conclusion, creating “Kiwi on the Rocks” Use one fresh kiwi fruit per cocktail. Salt the rim of your most nautically inspired “on the rocks” glass. Peel the kiwi fruit, reserve two slices for garnish and mash the remaining fruit in the glass; add 1 1/2 oz gin and stir. Add ice cubes and fill the glass to just below the rim with tonic water (refered to by the Kiwi as “quinine”). Garnish with kiwi slices and serve with fresh crab, fresh tuna or fresh salmon bought from Captain Barry off the boat. This drink is also good for malaria.