Yep, we’ve been Covid hit, I wish it was Coveted. We’ll be down for a couple weeks until we get the green light. My crew and my wife along with myself came up positive. We are not wasting too much brain space on the where and how, the main thing is none of us have the bad fever that leads to the dire consequences. I can see why it can lead to major problems, I did have a day with the hard to get breath routine, it was like being at high altitude.

So folks, that’s our simple story at the moment. The crab pots will be having a truly long soak and I’ll have some real tidy paperwork up to date. I’ll do a blog once we are all clear and things are back to normal. Mid next week will be the earliest. If you need to get crab this week. Friday is a good weather day after the big blow. Boats will be out, Saturday there should be a lot of boats in harbor selling.

We’ll be back!!!