Each year we enjoy dressing up the rig in holiday gear. Take a look at years past below–photos are courtesy of the Half Moon Bay Review. There is also an article about the annual festivities here.

Our good friend Rube inspired the Popeye and Olive Oil theme. He said that we look like that famous couple. Except my lady Mighty Mouse isn’t tall like Olive Oil. It’s okay, I made her stand on a box. That tree you see in the background was decorated with cans of spinach!

This was a favorite of mine: The Coral Reef – too bad it’s not a video. All those adults wearing foam fish heads singing Christmas Carols. And they “schooled” – moved around like a bunch of line dancing fish. We won the grand prize that year.

Another grand prize winner: A Sole Christmas – with Elvis and the Sole Singers. Still have the Elvis suit. I break it out sometime, when the mood moves me.

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