The hull has been opened for several days and the planking has been separating from the ribs. The batteries left by the salvage contractor (that removed the fuel) have been smashed. To date, most of the debris from the vessel – that has reached the beach- has been in small pieces.

Significant flotsam includes: one steel 800 gallon fuel tank and one 200 gallon stainless steel water tank. The transom has survived in one piece, as a portion of the keel has. These items will need to be cut for hauling. We have seen less debris reach the beach than we expected. Our original estimate of 30 cuyds of wood is probably very conservative.



Lagan to be removed – after the wooden boat has broken apart – includes: the engine, transmission, lead ingots, concrete ballast and anchor. Barry is exploring the use of a crane with a 100’ boom to lift these objects from the rocks, assuming the crane operator can find a suitable location to work from. It is certain that this work will need to be staged from within the gated perimeter of Pillar Point Air Station.