As of November, 2012, the Fjord Queen has been laid to rest and Captain Barry Day now commands the lovely Rosella, where you can find him and buy fresh fish off the boat today.

The boat went aground at 2:30 am Saturday, October 13th.  At that time, she had a broken keel and significant hull damage, but was otherwise intact. We removed small pieces of plank from the beach.

Prevailing winds were from the northwest and are driving waves directly toward the boat. Since it went aground in the early hours of October 13th, the boat had turned 180 degrees, so that its bow was facing the incoming surf and waves.

The boat weighed 27 tons.

There are two 800 gallon and one 400 gallon metal fuel tanks and two 200 gallon stainless steel water tanks, still intact. The engine and marine transmission are presumed undamaged, however the engine room is inaccessible. There are 2 batteries in the engine room. The salvage contractor could not safely access them during the fuel removal operation, and has advised that they should be removed when the hull opens up.

We expected to be organizing a big beach clean-up day, and we did.  Thank you to the many hobbyists, locals, friends, family, strangers and other fishermen who helped us during this time. We’re happy to be out on the water again with Rosella.

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